Essential Phone 2 - This Is So Wierd

So who knew that 2012 memes would be a reality someday.When iPhone 5 was launched 7 years ago, these were some of the memes that were floating around the internet because of its narrow form factor.

And 7 years later, Andy Rubin saw those memes and was like, Well, guess what! .This is what our next smartphone is going to look like. For those of you don't know, Andy Rubin is the co founder of Android. He left Android to start his own company called the Essential. You might remember this phone from Essential which kinda kick started the notch era.

Well, now it has a successor and it's totally a different form factor. And I can assure you this is not going to start any trend because for the fact that it's so weird.

It doesn't have an official name yet but Essential is calling this project gem for now.It has a punch-hole display that's insanely tall. And to accompany that tall display they have created a very tall UI composed of card-like apps. Kinda like windows phone but bad looking.The back has a flashy finish, a fingerprint scanner and a single camera. That being said, I really appreciate Andy Rubin for trying something new. I like it when companies try new things But I still don't understand what's the point of making this in the first place. I don't think how it's going to be useful for anyone. It's gonna be a nightmare to type on this thing, watching videos is going to be horrible.
App UI is going to suck and I don't think any developer would port their apps to work on this phone either, reading content would surely be combersom and on and on.I can't think of a single advntage to this design.Some of you might say that it can be used as a companion device to your main device kinda like the palm phone.

But even as a companion device I don't think this device makes any sense simply for the fact that it's so tall. I doubt this would be easily pocketable and even if it goes inside the pocket, I doubt it would survive there for long.Because one awkward bend while its in the pocket and it would break in half. Look I totally understand that there's still a market for phones that are not fully-fledged

Palm does a good job at it. It's a good companion phone.

But this one, I don't think so.

Listen I don't want to sound like that guy who responds negatively to any new radical form factor or a device in general. And I'm certaily not the type of person who judges people based on their past. Andy Rubin has done some shady stuff in the past and that brought a lot of negativity to the Essential company as a whole last year.
But whatever happened just happened, he paid the price for it, I don't think it's fair that people are bringing it up. It's taking the spotlight away from this phone. Anyway, that doesn't mean that I like this phone.I still don't think this would be practical but I would love to see where this goes from here.

Let me know what do you think?

Would you buy this as a companion device if the price is right?

Do let me know in the comments and as always I'll see you tomorrow...Peace out!
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